A Meltdown Day

Life seldom runs on a smooth course, and those who are single have the added difficulties associated with going out with new people all the time. For a person who went to work with a jaunty step, the end of the day might not look so good. Getting ready for a date could feel more like heading to court for sentencing, and they might even believe their day will get worse. For those who have had a meltdown day at work, a date in the evening is not generally an adventure they want.

While it has nothing at all to do with the person they will be going out with, a bad day can affect how any person feels about anyone. They might have made their plans a few days earlier when discussing an event they both wanted to attend, and neither of them would have foreseen the disaster awaiting one of them at work. It could be a date that will be influenced by one person’s bad mood, and it could easily turn into a disaster for both of them.

Approaching a date in this manner can be a time when a single person finds their date has depths they never considered. Letting them know how bad the day was right after work could be a good way to cancel gracefully, or they might decide to continue their plans. The date might see it as an opportunity to woo the other person with their caring nature, and they might be able to find ways to distract them from their bad day.

Being with someone else is all part of what makes a good relationship, and this could turn out to be the test of whether or not a couple should remain together. If the person who had a bad day calls and the other person immediately cancels, it could show them they are not right for each other. If their date still wants to go out and turns their day around, it might just be that they are the best one for a long term relationship.