An Amazing Date

Life is full of surprises for many people, and some of them can even be good ones. Getting lucky enough to snag the last few tickets to a great show, finding the perfect parking spot on a rainy day, and even being fixed up on a blind date can all turn out to be wonderful experiences. Many people equate their friends or family members matching them with a stranger to be a nightmare in the making, but meeting that other person could turn their way of thinking upside down when they have an amazing date with a person they never imagined meeting at all.

Observant people often notice others as they go through their daily life, and adults of almost any age occasionally have fantasies about what it would be like to meet some of the people they see but never really meet. For those being set up on a blind date, that fantasy could become a reality. Walking into the restaurant or bar where they are scheduled to meet, one look could turn even the worst day into an evening worth remembering.

The way some people move through life attracts attention, and many people are too shy to walk up to them and begin speaking. It could be considered rude to do that in some societies, yet even places where it is acceptable it may not occur. Being attracted to an interesting person is generally embarrassing to some, so they fail to do anything that would connect them to that person. Meeting them on a blind date could be the start of a new and wonderful future.

Blind dates are often nightmares, and there is little that can be done to stop family and friends from arranging them. While they might never be the most comfortable situation, they can occasionally be worthwhile. Meeting a new person might not lead to a relationship with a future of love, marriage, and a new family, but it could lead to a lifelong friendship that enhances the lives of both people.