Feeling Social Pressure

The world has changed greatly over the last few decades, but long term relationships are still a huge part of how people interact and raise families. Many of them still get married at some point, but there is no longer as much pressure to do it before having children. For those people who love being single, feeling social pressure to at least date or find a relationship is still an issue. They might just want to take a break, or their family could be concerned they are missing a great experience. The reason matters less than the potential feeling of being trapped into dates to satisfy the needs of others.

Families often have a large influence on their members, and the collective group might decide one member needs to be married. They will often find ways to set up dates as often as possible, and it can become a difficult situation for a single person to face. Being constantly shoved at potential matches is not pleasant if it happens all the time, and they may begin avoiding going to family gatherings.

There are families willing to remain quite patient, but they generally tend to at least voice their lack of happiness over this issue. It could then push the single member into going on dates only to satisfy the family’s needs. If it works out in the long run it might be okay, but they are less likely to put their best foot forward when meeting someone they are dating just to satisfy others.

The entire situation of being single in a family that believes in marriage can be frustrating for everyone. Meeting people for dates and forming relationships should be something voluntary, and feeling forced can ruin the entire process for everyone. Being able to date without pressure is the best way for a single person to find their best match.